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Hello everyone !

Amyga Academy was founded in 2019 by Lakshmi Ramamurthy with the goal of improving early childhood education in rural India.

Since then, with the help of both the respective governments, we have been able to expand into Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

We are a Charitable trust, headquartered in Bangalore, that uses the Montessori method to provide free English medium early childhood education to rural children in India.

We do this in collaboration with the state government to educate children in Anganwadis by deploying Montessori materials and trained teachers in each Anganwadi centre.

To provide high quality education, Amyga foundation provides ongoing training to teachers in spoken English and the Montessori method.

We plan to share our activities and progress in this blog, as well as other interesting content on early childhood education in India.

Follow our blog and visit to stay abreast of all our activities !

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