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Our Approach

When it comes to education, the approach matters as much as the content, especially in early childhood education. Hence, we had to be very particular about the approach we were going to follow at Amyga Academy if we wanted to offer high quality education.

Fundamentally, We believe that a happy and confident child becomes a successful student.

It is therefore important that preschools provide an environment in which the children feel safe and confident to learn by exploration and discovery. We believe that each child is unique, and our curriculum is designed to support each child according to his/her ability and interests. To help our children become disciplined and responsible adults, everyone at Amyga Academy prioritizes politeness and respect. Our curriculum has a blend of individual and group learning activities which makes the child independent, while developing his/her socio-emotional skills.

​To do this, we have partnered with Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions, a Bangalore based company which has been providing Montessori-based preschool solutions to over 1400 preschools, impacting 1,00,000 students over the past 7 to 8 years. They provide us with the material, the curriculum, learning objectives, teacher training, and a detailed assessment framework to track the progress of each child across various parameters.

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