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E-Shakthi scheme launched for teachers

We are happy to announce the launch of our E-shakthi scheme through which we subsidize the cost of electric scooters purchased by our teachers. This will help our teachers commute to remote villages to impart World Class Education, and become independent. Empowering women and protecting mother Earth at one go !

"Owning a bike was my dream for a long time. And today it's come true, thanks to Amyga's E-shakthi scheme" - Dhivya, Facilitator

"My new electric scooter is easy to handle, safe and economical" - Sivaranjini, Facilitator

"I never thought I'd ride a scooter, let alone own one. I now own an electric scooter thanks to Amyga's E-shakthi scheme" - Kanimozhi, Facilitator

"I feel happy and comfortable when I ride my new electric scooter " - Nandhini, Facilitator

"My new electric scooter helps me get to work on time'" - Komathi, Lead Facilitator

"No fuel. No tension. I'm proud to say that I'm the owner of an electric scooter , thanks to Amyga's E-shakthi scheme" - Fareeda Begam, Cluster Manager

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